Natural Facelift Massage

How the Facelift Massage Works?

The Ayurvedic Mehta Natural Facelift Massage utilizes palms, fingers, and the pads of the thumb.  No oil or lotions are used.

Circular movements free constrictions within the facial muscles allowing the muscles to relax, giving a more youthful appearance. Sweeping techniques act as a gentle exfoliating treatment encouraging dead skin cells to slough off, revealing new skin cells and creating a fresher complexion.

Lymphatic drainage techniques encourage lymph circulation and aids in the removal of toxins.  Skin is left hydrated and glowing.

Lifting and stimulating techniques tone the connective tissue, leaving you with a lifted appearance and diminished wrinkles.  Stimulation to acupuncture and pulse points bring energy and nutrients to the skin resulting in a rested and refreshed look.


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