Natural Facelift Massage

What Causes Skin To Age?

Your skin is comprised of connective tissue known as collagen and elastic fibers.

Collagen gives strength and suppleness to the skin and elastic fibers increase the strength and flexibility.  Together they both give skin structure and suppleness.

As time passes the strength and resilience of the fibers decrease, as well as the numbers of fibers. The fibers may break or develop cross-links, which can lead to shapeless dense tangles and may block the flow of fluids to the skin reducing its suppleness.

Elastic fibers can clump, fray and shrink causing skin to become dehydrated.

Years of habitual expression can cause the connective tissue to become glued to the surrounding muscles and bones, making you look drawn and tight.

The Mehta Natural Facelift Massage™can help turn back time leaving you younger looking and rejuvenated.


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