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The Power of Meditation

Neuroscientists, who have studied the brain of meditators, found that their pre-frontal cortex increases in size.

The pre-frontal cortex is responsible for memory, motor functions, problem solving, language, judgement, and social/sexual behavior.

I was amazed to learn that brain function will improve in as little as meditating 5 minutes a day. This results in more happiness, peace and a heightened awareness.

Meditation permanently rewires the brain, increases the body’s healthy hormones, lowers stress and improves brain function.

Massage has the same effect as meditation on the mind and body, but goes beyond since massage improves the health of our muscles, tendons, lymphatic system and more. Physical touch is necessary for our overall wellbeing. Physical touch helps us feel more connected to each other.

Since I’m a big advocate for mind and body healing, as well as offering massage, I offer a healing modality called, Access Bars.

Access Bars has the ability to clear 5,000-10,000 limiting belief systems, behavioral patterns, limiting emotions, as well as rewiring the brain for happiness and positivity. After just one session Neuroscientist Jeffrey L. Fanin found people’s brains to be functioning at least 3 times above normal.

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