Natural Facelift Massage

Holiday Make-up Tips

When we look good we feel better. Here are some tips for a flawless make-up application.

  1. Mix a drop of your face oil into your foundation for super dewy skin.
  2. Instead of dotting on concealer, it’s best to apply concealer in the shape of an upside-down triangle shape. The base of the upside-down triangle should be at your lash line while the tip of the triangle at the middle of your cheek. This technique helps not to draw attention to dark circles while helping to brighten up your whole face.
  3. Instead of purchasing fiber mascara, you can simply add face powder to your lashes between applying coats of mascara. Apply your first coat of mascara, and then use a cotton swab to apply the powder to your lashes. Then apply a second coat of mascara.

Enjoy your thick luscious lashes!

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