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The Power of Our Words and Thoughts

The Power of Our Words and Thoughts

Our words and thoughts are so powerful that they create our reality. This is best illustrated by the research done by Dr. Masaru Emoto in his book titled, The Message in Water.

Dr. Emoto exposed water to positive words such as love, gratitude, and thank you, and also exposed water to negative words such as hate, evil, and “you fool.” He then froze the water and photographed the water crystals which formed, and viewed those crystals under a microscope. The water that was exposed to the positive words formed beautiful crystals, and the crystals of the water exposed to negativity were broken and incomplete.

Since our bodies are over 60% water, it’s important to consider how our emotions are impacting the water inside our cells all the time. Our emotions can keep us healthy or make us sick.

Fulfilling work, good relationships, and healthy food all play a role in a happy and healthy life.

Research done by cell biologist Bruce Lipton found that over 95% of our subconscious mind runs our life. So in addition to the facelift massages I offer to my clients, I also offer a healing process technique called “Access Bar.” By holding points on the head, I tap into the subconscious to eliminate any negative emotions, thoughts, and behavior patterns which prevent us from living an exceptional life. All areas of life improve-from better relationships to better health and happiness, to more prosperity.

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