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Sitting in front of a computer for at least two hours per day causes eye strain.

It is recommended to take a five minute break for every hour of screen time. Screens also make us blink less, and blinking is necessary to moisturize the eyes. During your computer break, it is a good idea to blink as an exercise to lubricate the eyes. Blink repeatedly, fluttering the eyelids, until your eyes become moist. When the eyes are moistened, they can relax.

Try these two additional techniques to further maintain the health of your eyes:

1. We’ve all heard the expression, “I don’t have eyes behind my head,” but it is interesting to note that in the back of our heads there are two acupuncture points corresponding to our eyes, which are at eye level and help to improve our eyesight. With your thumbs in the hollows in the back of the head directly behind the eyes, press inward toward your eyes five times. This exercise can be done throughout the day.

2. Eye rotations are great to combat muscle tension. Rotate your eyes clockwise to the right twelve times and then counterclockwise to the left twelve times. Next, roll your eyes downward and then upward twelve times. Then roll eyes upward and downward diagonally from left to right and diagonally right to left twelve times. Finally, roll your eyes from side to side twelve times.

Enjoy!! These exercises will make you feel more energized.

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