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Caring For Your Lips

When we are young, keratin, collagen and elastin are abundant and give our skin its taught smooth texture.  Unfortunately, as we age these three proteins become less abundant leading to skin that sags and wrinkles.  Unlike the skin on the rest of our body the protective outer layer of the skin on our lips is naturally very thin and does not contain oil glands.  This has a negative effect on the skin surrounding the lips.  Therefore, as we age the lips become thinner and wrinkles tend to easily form around the mouth.

Here are some steps to care for your lips:

  • Use lip balm daily to keep lips moist. 
  • Stay well hydrated to prevent drying out of the lips.
  • Lipstick tends to be drying, especially matte lipstick. Search for a good moisturizing lipstick.
  • Having regular face massages helps to prevent and erase lines around your mouth.

In my signature face massage there is a step called, “smoothing out the wrinkles”.  This step addresses the lines around the mouth which are easily prone to wrinkles.

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