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Save Your Wrists with Proper Keyboard Use

Spending long hours at a keyboard puts you at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and other work-related upper extremity disorders (WRUEDs).

Researchers found that those who use more force than necessary when hitting the keys on the keyboard had the strongest symptoms of work-related upper extremity disorders. To lower your risk, lighten up.

Tips to help you lighten up:

  • Use the least amount of force needed for the keystrokes to register.
  • Be mindful when typing; post a reminder near your computer to type lightly.
  • Identify your “triggers”; you may tend to type harder when you’re tired, hurried or under stress.
  • Keep your wrists relaxed; neither flexed upwards or downwards.
  • Make sure your monitor is at eye level.

To prevent any disorders or help with any pain or stiffness you may be currently experiencing, I’m offering a half hour hand and arm massage as an add-on to any face or foot massage session.

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